My name is Cristiana, I am 29 years old and I live in Trentino.

I realized that I love cooking when I went to live by my own, as often happens, since I literally had to learn how to cook from zero, for me and for my boyfriend, now husband, Mattia.


Before, I barely knew how to brew coffee. Yes, it is really like this.


But Mattia is a real foodie, coming from a family of cooks - mother and grandmother - so I immediately understood that if I wanted to make peace after a fight, make him forget a bad day, or simply make him happy, the key was in the good food.

I know this may seem like an archaic or "anti-feminist" thought but the reality is that I really like cooking, especially with seasonal products, preferably from the territory, and plant based, and for me it is a way of taking care of people I love.

We are what we eat - I strongly believe it.



I started suffering from food intolerances during the first year of university, in 2011, but at the beginning I did not understand what those problems were due to. I remember that there were days in there I couldn't even walk to enter the classroom so bad was the stomach ache!

It was Mattia who suggested to me that perhaps "I had some problems with milk". So I stopped drinking it. After that, various tests on intolerances and allergies followed, I spent a couple of years trying to avoid wheat because I was "sensitive" (I'm not celiac), as well as eggs, yeast and other foods. It was a dark period because I missed those foods and I felt it as a privation.


I slowly "detoxified" (I haven't eaten pizza for 4 years, from 2016 to 2020 I swear), apart from dairy products - those my body just will never accept.


But it was precisely this experience that forced me first, and then intrigued, to inquire about nutrition. I got very close to conscious nutrition, I started reading all the labels of the ingredients, and to prepare at home those things that you usually buy for convenience: gnocchi, bread, burgers, vegetable broth, etc...


One thing led to another and I finally got in touch with vegetable lifestyles, I met people who are vegan and are very happy with this choice (not least the pastry chef who make my raw-vegan wedding  cake) and I slowly understood that maybe I could try too.


So my path has been long. I didn't go vegan overnight, and to be honest I don't know how long I will be. That's okay for now, that's what I feel is right for me and what my body requires of me.


Two Cabbages Kitchen is born from this: my love for vegan cuisine, and for felines (yes, I inevitably am a cat lady!). I have two, Big Cabbages (the white boy) and Little Cabbages (the gray lady) that you see in the images.


Mattia saved Big C. from the street when he was a tiny little dirty and injured kitty (he has still a scar on his nose) and soon we also adopted Little C. to keep him company. They have been with us since 2016 and I certainly owe it to them if this blog has a name.




I am very happy that you are reading my words right now because the blog is a project that is very close to my heart. The recipes you will find here have all been cooked, tested, photographed and, of course, eaten by me and Mattia.

So they are authentic, with them I would like to make you virtually enter my kitchen and bring you closer to a vegetable and conscious lifestyle. Even if you are not vegan it doesn't matter: the fact that you are here is already beautiful.


If you make some of my recipes, I would be thrilled. If you have social networks (IG or FB) send them to me, tag me or let me know if you liked them.

I can not wait.



Cristiana, Mattia & the Cabbages

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